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Made in America

We are proud to be one of a growing number of American companies investing in American Manufacturing and bring jobs back to our community.

There was a time when America was synonymous with manufacturing, with production, with innovation. Hardworking, earnest people made good quality products, had good paying jobs, and our businesses flourished.

Then suddenly, the Industrial Revolution that helped shape our Nation packed up and went into early retirement. Unemployment went up, quality went down, GDP growth slowed, and an entire segment of our economy effectively hit the “pause” button.

Well, today is a new day.

A growing number of American companies are starting to bring production back to our shores…and Patriot is proud to be counted among that group. We are very proud to be an American Manufacturer, and we are very proud to support the Veterans in our workforce.

Our Rigid Aluminum Conduit is 100% American Made ~ the shells, the couplings, the caps, and even our labels all come from American companies. Our shells come from extrusion dies we own, are completely produced in America, and are processed on our high speed equipment. While most of our orders ship next day from Virginia, we also maintain inventories in New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, Houston, Atlanta, New Orleans, Louisville, Tampa, and Detroit.

Thanks to your support, we continue to expand our production capabilities to include 12 CNC Lathes, 1 CNC Mill with 4th Axis, 7 Elbow Benders with capabilities up 6" x 48" Radius, and are now producing the full line of Stainless Steel Conduit, Nipples, Elbows, and Couplings, as well as Galvanized Steel Elbows and Nipples, and EMT Elbows..right here in Virginia. Simply stated, Patriot's goal is to provide A Better Conduit Experience™.

There is a new Industrial Revolution starting in America, thank you for joining us in it.

All the best,

Tom Click
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UL File Numbers:
Aluminum - E337297
Stainless - E337297
Galvanized - E467495
EMT - E467495

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