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Made in America

We are proud to be one of a growing number of American companies investing in American Manufacturing and bring jobs back to our community.

As an American Owned & Operated Family Business, Patriot takes it's mission and objectives very seriously. We are here to build a lasting business that supports not only the 62 Families that contribute time and effort to Patriot's success daily.

Patriot actively contributes to Our Country, Our US Military Veterans, Our Industry, and Our Local Community.


Unlike most foreign-owned companies, Patriot continues to reinvest profits into developing new products and capabilities.

Our initial operation started with a single hand operated threading machine...we now have an 13 station CNC Worksell. Beyond the equipment, we prefer to "home grow" our talent...with extensive training and personal investment in our staff and production craftsmen.

Since our founding, Patriot has invested approximately $4,000,000 in facilities and equipment. These investments continue to pay back not only for Patriot, but also for our Work Family and the American Economy.

US Military Veterans

From the very beginning, Patriot has focused on building a business that pays respect to and provides jobs for our US Military Veterans. We start every job search with the Veteran's Representative in Albemarle County, participate in every Veteran's Job Fair, and actively seek and train Veterans for jobs that range from simple assembly to full CNC Operation.

Electrical Industry

Patriot sell through is commited to Electrical Distribution. Our President & CEO, Tom Click participates in the NAED's Congressional Fly-in annually, as well as the NAED Annual Meeting. Patriot has representation at the NAED Regional Meetings as well.

In addition, we support Electricians from the IEC and NECA by provide FREE CONDUIT for Training programs. Call Us at 434-510-1776 to find out more about the program.

Local Community

Beyond the payroll and Work Family training, Patriot continues to be active and involved in Central Virginia. We recently had the honor of being invited to sponsor the Construction Zone Exhibit at the Virginia Discovery Museum.

For the next 3 years, Patriot Industries will help the VDM as they encourage children to take a hands on approach to building things and in a small way learn about one of America's greatest industries.

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UL File Numbers:
Aluminum - E337297
Stainless - E337297
Galvanized - E467495
EMT - E467495

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Patriot Industries, a division of Patriot Aluminum Products LLC
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